All CF18 coaches are CrossFit trained, CPR certified and experienced in group training.

JOHN BENZ   |   HEAD COACH   |   After more than two decades of service in Kansas City's fitness industry, I know you have to reinvent and evolve to succeed. That's precisely why this format is so challenging, so motivating and so worth the effort — you will literally reinvent your best body ever. I look forward to every single class I instruct and I take personal pride in YOUR results and I pledge maximum effort in keeping you focused and dedicated.

BRIAN ENGLISH   |   COACH   |   When I played football in high school and college and then went on to study exercise science and play rugby, all the while I was striving to stay in the best physical shape possible in order to perform better as an athlete. I joined CF18 the month it opened and immediately fell in love with this place. After achieving my Level 1 Certification, I now love having the opportunity to help you be stronger than yesterday.


JESS REINHARDT   |   COACH   |   When I was introduced to CrossFit, it was like nothing I had ever done before and I saw both physical and mental changes that I had never experienced in all my years in the competitive sports of swimming and soccer. I truly found my "home" after coming to CF18 because of the team spirit and welcoming atmosphere. And with my Level 1 Certification, I can help bring that community spirit home to you.

LAUREN HOWELL   |   COACH   |   For 13 years, I was a competitive gymnast and haven't left the gym since, training competitive gymnasts to the Regional and National level. When I walked into CF18, I knew this was the next sport for me — the sport of fitness, and I quickly went on to receive my Level 1 CrossFit Certification. I am looking forward to helping you work toward all of your fitness goals. Can't wait to see you at the gym!


KENT MASTERS   |   COACH   |   I've had a love for exercise since high school when I began lifting weights. At first, I loved conventional bodybuilding—but like many first flames it began to die out. It wasn't until I found CrossFit that my training began to be rewarding again on a day-to-day basis. I vow to do everything I can to create that same experience for our members here at CF18.


DANA DAVENPORT   |   COACH   |   Because I was a "bring it on" type kid, my mother put me in every athletic activity she could. I was surrounded by good coaches and mentors who taught me my life's fundamentals at a very early age. Those lessons of teamwork, of everyone working toward a common goal and having empathy for the person next to you, they all influence the way I train my classes and how I live my life. It's my job to help you feel motivated, successful and strong.

CARA COCKRILL   |   COACH   |   After having two babies in two years, I needed to mix it up to get back to my pre-baby body. As a group fitness and personal trainer and avid long-distance runner, I was used to asking my body to endure — but it wasn't until I flipped tractor tires and ran sprints while holding a medicine ball over my head that I got in better shape than I was before I had kids. I push my clients to get out of their comfort zones. Let's go!

MIRIAM FEINGOLD   |   COACH   |   I've always been all about cross-training — as a skating and bench coach for KC's Roller Warriors Roller Derby League, as a dance trainer and performer and as a yoga practitioner and instructor. I got my Level 1 Certification because I believe CrossFit is unique in its ability to transform people's daily struggles in maintaining a healthy, vibrant and strong lifestyle. I'm more than ready to help you change your workout and change your life. 

BRETT PRUITT   |   COACH   |   CF18 turned my idea of health and fitness on its ear, because here everyone is an athlete with the potential to be great — the only difference between us all is in how hard we choose to train. I am thoroughly committed to helping all new and existing members become the athlete they strive to be, and more. This is not only a lifestyle, but a passion that I need to share and it's the reason I'm so happy to be a part of Crossroads Bootcamp and CF18.

MICHAEL GINESTRA   |   COACH   |   When I finished playing college football I thought I was finished being an athlete. But when I found CF18 in 2012, CrossFit proved me wrong. With it came an entirely new perspective on fitness that has completely overhauled the way I set goals, train, eat and live. I want to bring this same life-changing experience to all of our members.